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Dear Community:

Not long ago, Union City Schools purchased the old Bank building. (Richardson Building) The reason for purchasing the building was because of the location being close to the school and the thought that the space could be used sometime in the future. The fact that the building itself is not in good condition was known. 

The building was constructed in 1910. It was the focal point of activities in Union City, and at one time was the bank and the pharmacy. Dr. R. Richardson owned and operated the bank and pharmacy and was the town doctor, druggist, banker and builder of the structure. The building also served as the post office. 

Presently, the building has become a safety hazard. The roof is leaking badly and the building is not secured appropriately. I am afraid someone will get hurt if something is not done. On February 10th, the Union City School Board will discuss and possibly vote to make plans for demolition of the building. The fact that the building is on the historical register will not hinder plans to bring it down. The new bus barn that sits just East of the building was built accordingly with the thought the old Bank building could eventually come down. If in fact the board votes for demolition, there will be plans to have a West wall for the bus barn. 

If you have any questions about this project or if you would like to see the inside of the building, please contact me. If the building comes down, the school board would like to possibly duplicate the Southwest corner of the building with the 1910 Bank writing. Also, the idea of placing some kind of sign or historical marker with the history of the building could possibly be placed on the site. This structure is a piece of the history of the original town of  Union City and it will be disheartening to bring it down, but safety is truly the bigger issue at this time. 


Todd Carel, Supt.

Union City Schools

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