Good morning school community,

As we shared last week the exciting news regarding our new playground equipment, we have a list of tools/machinery needed for our workday beginning at 8:00 THIS (4/9 )Saturday morning.  If you would be able to share items on the list for Saturday, please contact Rick Brothers at 405-274-3944.

Two of our awesome community members, Ryan Dawson and Bryson Bollinger donated their labor and equipment to remove and dismantle the older play set that needed to be removed. A HUGE THANK YOU to both as the removal has saved time for our setup crew. WE appreciate you both! The list and sign up is below :

2String lines and wooden stakes
2100' tape measure
6Post hole diggers
6Flat blade shovels
4Torpedo levels
22', 3', or 4' levels
9/16 sockets and open end wrenches
4Ratcheting tie dows or come alongs
Utility Knife
4Plastic/Hard rubber hammers
4Clamps that can be used to squeeze
Standard Allen Wrench set
2Large Channel vice Grip or Lock Pliers
Impact Drills, battery powered - vols bring but need to label before use
36' and 8' ladders
6Metal Garden rakes
4Pitch forks to moved EWF/mulch type product
3/8" tap
WD 40
3/8" drive sockets that can hold 5/16" hex bits
10Tape Measures
1Cement mixer (cement can be mixed in wheel barrows)
4Heavy Duty Wheel Barrows (for cement and EWF)
2Garden Hose
2Heavy digging bars

Dr. Slothower