Welcome to the 22/23 Union City Tiger Basketball Season!

*We encourage all community members to attend the games and support our players and coaches. Please help us maintain a safe and sportsmanlike environment during the games.

*All students in grades 5-12 are encouraged to sit in the student section to cheer on their classmates and friends. The student section will have an adult who monitors and ensures students have a safe and fun time while at the game. Students who do not wish to sit in the student section are always welcome to sit with their families.

*All students in PreK-4th are encouraged to sit with their families and/or adults. To help us maintain safety for our younger fans, running along the top row of the basketball arena will not be permitted during the games. This area is designated for students who help with filming and broadcasting the games.

*We welcome all ages of our community to enjoy and cheer for their team. To make this possible, no running in the lobby area or the pathways where community members may need extra time or space to walk to the concession and back to the seats. Parents, thank you in advance for helping us supervise younger and elementary-aged students.

We look forward to an awesome season this year!

Dr. Slothower